Chuncheon Sprint/Super

Spartan Race Inc.
Chuncheon Sprint/Super
Chuncheon Songam Sports Town, ChuncheonGangwon-do24432
Chuncheon Sprint

Chuncheon Sprint

The Sprint may be our shortest distance race, but it’s still a favorite among both new and returning racers. It’s the perfect distance for those looking to start their Spartan journey. The Sprint also allows returning racers a manageable distance to see how far they can push themselves. Delivering 20-23 obstacles over 3-5 miles, you'll never run the same race twice. Once you complete the sprint you are 1/3 on your Spartan TRIFECTA: The ultimate Spartan achievement.
Spartan Race Inc.
Chuncheon Songam Sports Town, ChuncheonGangwon-do24432
Chuncheon Super

Chuncheon Super

There’s nothing mediocre about this middle distance race. The Spartan Super offers the ideal blend between distance and speed. Offering racers a true athletic test. If you consider yourself a more seasoned athlete determined to push beyond excuses, you just might have the mettle for a Spartan Super. Serving up 24-29 Spartan Obstacles and 8-10 miles of rugged terrain, the Spartan Super spares no one. Developed as the second race in the Spartan Trifecta, the Super is where you prove to yourself you’ve got everything it takes to face the Beast.
Spartan Race Inc.
Chuncheon Songam Sports Town, ChuncheonGangwon-do24432

스파르탄 레이스 코리아

스파르탄 레이스는 올해 약 25개국에서 240번이 넘는 대회를 진행한 세계 최고 장애물 대회입니다. 스파르탄 레이스는 일상적인 달리기가 아닙니다 - 달리기, 등산, 밀기, 당기기, 던지기, 벽, 언덕, 나무, 진흙, 가시 철조망 등 힘든 일이지만 재미있는 장애물을 통과하는 도전적인 레이스입니다.

팀 등록

친구들이나 팀 멤버와 같이 뛰기 위해서는 같은 “시간 블록”을 선택했는지 다시 한 번 확인해야 합니다. 꼭 친구들과 정확히 같은 시간에 출발하고 싶다면 등록할 때 팀을 만들어야 합니다!(혹은 친구를 당신의 팀에 초대하세요!)

다음을 확인하여 혼란을 피하세요: 2018: Team Registration and Start Times.

당일 준비물

  • -신분증
  • -바코드(티켓)
  • * 레이스 하루 전 공식 홈페이지를 통해 개별적으로 바코드가 발행됩니다. 해당 바코드는 티켓 용도로 사용하며 바코드를 통해 등록 확인이 진행됩니다.
  • -여벌의 옷과 타월
  • -챙기지 말 것 : 부정적 태도

참가 복장

특별한 드레스 코드는 없지만, 진흙이나 물에서 뛰거나 언덕과 산을 오르고, 철조망 아래로, 불을 뛰어 넘으며 경주를 할 것입니다. 경험으로부터의 충고: 면으로 된 옷은 입지 않도록 하십시오. 그것은 물을 흡수하고 피부를 쓸리게 할 것입니다. 레이스 당일에 새 신발은 추천하지 않습니다.



* 레이스를 200% 즐기기 위해 꼭, FAQ를 참고하시기 바랍니다.


Spartan Race is the world's best obstacle course race, with over 240 races in 25 countries around the world this year. Spartan Race is not your everyday running race - expect to run, climb, push, pull, throw and crawl through walls, hills, trees, mud, barbed wire and other challenging but fun obstacles. 

All Spartan courses are designed to challenge you physically. We can’t spell out what exactly you will face, what fun would that be. However, we can assure there will be fire, mud, water, barbed wire, and occasionally Hell on Earth. Spartan Race is designed to pull you from your comfort zone and challenge you.

Check out some of our more common obstacles here.


Please make sure to select same "Time Block" to run with your friends or team members together. The best way to ensure that you are starting at the exact same start time as your friends is to create a Team during registration (or have your friends Join your team!).

Avoid any confusion by checking out: 2018: Team Registration and Start Times. (


  • Your ID(Identification Card/Driving License/Passport)
  • Barcode (Ticket)
  • * Barcode will be issued individually via the official website the day before the race. the barcodes are used as tickets for check-in on the race day. It is recommended to keep the Barcode with you, either as a print or a capture image on Your phone for a quick check-in.
  • Towel & extra (dry) clothes


  • Your pets
  • Negative Attitude


  • email
  • *Please visit before the race FAQ